The Box VIP Guestlist
The Box VIP Guestlist
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The Box Club is a chic and unique nightclub in the heart of London. The Box Guestlist bookings are quite important since people are queuing around outside the club each and every day that is open. If you want to get in then it is important that you turn up early and that you impress at the entry. Members of The Box Guestlist will be captivated by an incredibly unique club. Inside you will find two stages, each of them draped in some of the most exquisite of decorations. There are acts at midnight every Wednesday to Saturday. Some of the shows are incredibly
speechless, while strip shows immediately spicy up the atmosphere. However, from time to time there are other cabaret acts out there, perhaps one of the most popular being the fire-stunt shows.

Do not expect a trip to the Box Club to be cheap. There is a £30 entrance fee and £2000 minimum spend on Table Bookings at The Box London. It is also remarkably difficult to get in, the guys on the door will pick and choose carefully who gets in. Being one of the hardest clubs to get an entrance is what makes it exclusive. Nevertheless, once you are inside you will be hypnotized by  The Box’s great ambience and stylish design.

the box guestlist

Less queuing and more party. Enter if you dare!

The Box Club boasts one of the strangest night club experiences in all of London’s nightlife. This is hardly surprising though. After all, the club is based right in the heart of Soho. Just be part of The Box Guestlist through Night Clubs London and have the best views in the club.

Whether you love it or you hate it, The Box guestlist is certainly a thrilling experience you will never forget! Become one of their guests it will leave you painstakingly stunned and shamelessly entertained!


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