Mahiki London

Mahiki is the most popular nightclub in London city, located in the Mayfair region. The club/ lounge has tropical theme adornment which give it the Hawaiian vibe. Having its own celebrities’ client like Rihanna, Paris Hilton and much more. Mahiki is easily must go club during week day.

With the hassle free entry in the club. Mahiki is a tropical paradise with its tropical décor including traditional totem pole and handmade tiki chair. Also, with hidden in the busy street of London. Along with some of the exclusive cocktail and some of the authentic tropical fruit. This clubs plays famous party track and recent hits along with some yesteryear party classics.

Lastly, it is separated into two parts the clubs hold grill paradise on the first floor and party heaven on the basement, Mahiki is a must destination to go for some definite fun nights. And its exclusive Mahiki rum is worth the try.

Mahiki mayfair table
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Bottle List

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    • Dom Perignon£295
    • Dom Perignon Magnum£690
    • Dom Perignon Rose£470
    • Dom Perignon Rose Magnum£1300
    • Dom Perignon Jeroboam£4000
    • Dom Perignon Methusalem£11000
    • krug£340
    • Cristal£460
    • Cristal Magnum£1300
    • Cristal Jeroboam£5600

    Sharing Options

    • Armada Treasure Chest (serves 8)£
    • Dom Perignon£470
    • Cristal£670
    • Queen Ann's Revenge£1200
    • Jewel of the Seas£600


    • Don Julio Blanco£220
    • Patron Blanco£220
    • Herradura Reposado£225
    • Jeso Cuervo Reserva Familia£280


    • Ciroc£195
    • Ciroc Magnum£420
    • Ciroc Jeraboam£1200
    • Belvedere Magnum£440


    • Mahiki Coconut£80
    • Smatt's Sliver£180
    • 10 Cane£160
    • Pampero Aniversario£190
    • Appleton Extra 12£180
    • Mount Gay XO£190
    • Zacapa 23£240
    • Appleton 30 years£1100
    • Black Tot£1600


    • Cordon Blue£310
    • Hennessey XO£370
    • Martel X£390
    • Hennessey Paradis£2,100


    • Johnnie Black£180
    • Johnnie Blue£450
    • Jameson Red breast 12 years£190
    • Macallan£250
    • Knob Creek£190
    • Jack Daniels Single Barrel£250
    • Ardberg£230
    • Glenmorangie£230


    • Tanqueray£190
    • Hendricks£200
    • Tanqueray 10£240



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